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Name Code Type
Architectural Communication And Professional Studies U21331 Unit
Architectural Design And Urbanism U21328 Unit
Architectural Design: Application U21313 Unit
Architectural Design: Exploration U21319 Unit
Architectural Design: Integration U21327 Unit
Architectural Design: Introduction U21312 Unit
Architectural Design: Investigation U21318 Unit
Architectural Technology: Integration U21329 Unit
Architectural Technology: Investigation U21320 Unit
Architecture Study Exchange U30668 Unit
Architecture Study Placement - Full Year U30663 Unit
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year U30662 Unit
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year U25954 Unit
Cci Work Placement - Full Year U25953 Unit
Communication: Creative Practice U30637 Unit
Communication: Fundamentals U30629 Unit
Communication: Professional Identity U30646 Unit
Communication: Professional Practice U30647 Unit
Design: Architectural Application U30630 Unit
Design: Architectural Investigation U30639 Unit
Design: Architectural Narratives U30640 Unit
Design: Exploration U30631 Unit
Design: Introduction U21314 Unit
Design: Major Project Preparation U30649 Unit
Design: Major Project Synthesis U30650 Unit
Design: Major Project Technical Resolution U30648 Unit
Dissertation [Architecture] U21330 Unit
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice U30667 Unit
Exchange: Opportunity U21335 Unit
History And Theory Of Architecture U30633 Unit
History And Theory Of Architecture U21321 Unit
History And Theory Of Modern Architecture U30642 Unit
History And Theory: Dissertation U30652 Unit
History And Theory: Introduction U21316 Unit
Music: Practice, Performance And Research U21555 Unit
Professional Experience U22598 Unit
Representation And Communication: Introduction U21317 Unit
Representation And Communication: Investigation U21326 Unit
Student Enterprise U20209 Unit
Technology And Environment: Design Practice U30643 Unit
Technology And Environment: Discovery U30654 Unit
Technology And Environment: Exploration U30634 Unit
Technology: Introduction U21315 Unit
Thematic Design U30645 Unit

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