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Name Code Type
Analytical Methods For Earth Sciences U30024 Unit
Applied Geoinformatics U20111 Unit
Applied Sedimentology & Petroleum Geology U25820 Unit
Digital Geoscience U20098 Unit
Earth History And Life U22946 Unit
Earth Materials U20089 Unit
Engineering Geology and Geohazards U24995 Unit
Engineering Geology Of The Quaternary U31027 Unit
Geodynamics U20109 Unit
Geological remote sensing and GIS U24328 Unit
Geology Project U24247 Unit
How The Earth Works U20088 Unit
Hydrology and Flood Hazard Assessment U20039 Unit
Igneous Petrogenesis, Metamorphic And Deformation Processes U20110 Unit
Mineral Resources & Exploration U25066 Unit
Mineralogy and Petrology U23880 Unit
Oceans, Climates And Environments U20108 Unit
Palaeontology U20100 Unit
Petrogenesis and Geochronology 24300 Unit
Petrology U20096 Unit
Professional Skills For Geoscientists U20093 Unit
Quantitative Methods U20091 Unit
Science For Earth Systems U20092 Unit
Sedimentary Processes and Facies Analysis U23882 Unit
Sedimentology And Palaeoenvironments U20095 Unit
Sedimentology and Palaeontology U23881 Unit
Structural Geology U20099 Unit
Volcanology & Seismology U20044 Unit
Volcanolology and Seismology for Geologists U24301 Unit

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