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Name Code Type
Antimicrobial and Antineoplastic Agents U22205 Unit
Biomedical Toolbox U21637 Unit
Biomedical Toolbox For Pharmacologists U24315 Unit
Business For Biosciences U24331 Unit
Cells to Systems U22177 Unit
Cellular and Molecular Drug Targets U22206 Unit
Drug Development and Clinical Pharmacology U22207 Unit
Erasmus+ Laboratory Based Work Experience (Erasmus+ Lbwe) U30822 Unit
Immunology, Inflammatory Diseases & Infective Organisms U22200 Unit
Introduction to Formulation U22175 Unit
Introduction To Neuroscience And Pharmacology P22176 Unit
Introduction To Neuroscience And Pharmacology U22195 Unit
Iwlp: 20 Cr: Course Structure Purposes Only IWLP20 Unit
Key Skills U22196 Unit
Laboratory Based Work Experience U22210 Unit
Laboratory Skills And Analytical Techniques U22194 Unit
Neuropharmacology U22208 Unit
Neuroscience, Endocrine And Gastrointestinal Pharmacology U22201 Unit
Pharmaceutical Chemistry U22197 Unit
Pharmaceutical Chemistry U22174 Unit
Pharmacokinetics & Data Analysis U22202 Unit
Pharmacology Tutorials Level 5 U22912 Unit
Pharmacology Tutorials Level 6 U22913 Unit
Project U22209 Unit
Protein Science U22086 Unit
Respiratory, Renal & Cardiovascular Pharmacology U22203 Unit

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