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Name Code Type
Animal Science U20016 Unit
Applied Marine Biology U20025 Unit
Biodiversity and Evolution U20000 Unit
Coastal Ecosystems U20029 Unit
Community Ecology and Residential Fieldtrip U20019 Unit
Environmental Microbiology U24413 Unit
Experimental Biology U24365 Unit
Genetics U20011 Unit
Global Climate Change in Marine Systems U24370 Unit
Graduate skills 1 U20007 Unit
Honours Project U20035 Unit
Introduction To Cell Biology and Biochemistry U20002 Unit
Introduction to Marine Ecology and Oceanography U25775 Unit
Marine and Terrestrial Ecology U20004 Unit
Marine Ecophysiology U20030 Unit
Marine Organisms And Ecosystems U20015 Unit
Marine Research Skills U24368 Unit
Microbiology U20010 Unit
Microbiology and Molecular Biology U20003 Unit
Oceanography U20141 Unit
Plant Science U20009 Unit
Scientific and Technical Diving Techniques A U23121 Unit
Scientific and Technical Diving Techniques B U23122 Unit

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