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Name Code Type
Anti-Fraud Strategies U24445 Unit
Community Justice U24763 Unit
Contemporary Criminologies U21009 Unit
Contemporary Terrorism and the Global Response U23805 Unit
Crime and Society U26328 Unit
Crime Exclusion and Mental Health U22989 Unit
Crimes of the Powerful U21003 Unit
Criminal Justice U21919 Unit
Criminal Justice U26329 Unit
Criminology Past And Present U21921 Unit
Cybercrime: Deviance, Crime and Terror U23807 Unit
Dangerous Offenders and Public Protection U25560 Unit
Dissertation U21925 Unit
Dissertation/Major Project (Criminology) U21255 Unit
Essential Skills for Criminologists U30379 Unit
Forensic Psychology U21014 Unit
Forensic Psychology: Investigation U30582 Unit
Foundation of Economic Crime U30382 Unit
Fundamentals of Forensic Investigation U24089 Unit
Gender and Crime U23804 Unit
Global, State and Corporate Security U21005 Unit
Green Crime and Environmental Justice U30811 Unit
Hate Crime U21002 Unit
Hate Crime U30526 Unit
ICJS Study Abroad Year U31073 Unit
Intelligence Analysis U24768 Unit
Introduction to Criminology U20990 Unit
Introduction to Psychology for Crimonologists U25564 Unit
Introduction to Teaching U25829 Unit
Introduction to Teaching U25763 Unit
Key Issues in Criminal Justice U20996 Unit
Learning from Experience U20767 Unit
Learning from Experience Plus U25840 Unit
Management of Criminal Investigations U21153 Unit
Miscarriages of Justice U21016 Unit
Missing Persons: Issues and Investigations U26238 Unit
Murder Investigation: Key Challenges U26241 Unit
Penology and Prisons U25655 Unit
Police Law and Community Certificate U23324 Unit
Police, Law and Community U20998 Unit
Political Extremism U26240 Unit
Principles of Economic Crime Investigation U30384 Unit
Professional Skills in Criminal Justice U23806 Unit
Psychology for Criminologists U30380 Unit
Questioning Criminology U20995 Unit
Research Methods and Research Management U21937 Unit
Researching Criminology U30581 Unit
Researching Criminology 1 U20989 Unit
Researching Criminology 2 U22561 Unit
Risk, Dangerousness And Vulnerability: Managing Public Protection U21936 Unit
Skills for Criminologists U20988 Unit
Social Policy, Justice and Crime U26235 Unit
Substance Misuse, Crime and the Criminal Justice System U21941 Unit
The Criminal Justice Clinic U24208 Unit
The Fraud Problem U24444 Unit
Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders U21015 Unit
Understanding Criminology U26330 Unit
Victims of Crime: Key Players in Criminal Justice U21001 Unit
Wildlife Crime: Threats and Response U23803 Unit
Youth Crime, Youth Justice U21007 Unit

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