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Africa Revisited: Nation Building and State Fragility in Post-Colonial Africa M25761 Module
Analysing Foreign and Security Policy M26425 Module
Analysing Politics: Britain and Beyond M26417 Module
Autocracy and Democracy M26429 Module
Bending the truth a little? Researching politics and international relations M25004 Module
British Political Leadership M26424 Module
Democracies under Threat: Global Perspectives and Responses M32161 Module
Democratisation In Latin America M24335 Module
Digital Media and Democracy M25712 Module
East Asian States and Societies M26132 Module
Economics and Politics of Development M23898 Module
Foundations Of The European Union M20607 Module
France, 1945-1995: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? M20515 Module
France: Crisis, Renewal and Reinvention (1931-1981) M24999 Module
From Revolution To Dictatorship - Russia & The Soviet Union 1917-1941 M20858 Module
Gender In The Developing World M22554 Module
Germany in European and Global Context (1871 to the present) M25043 Module
Global Capitalism: Past, Present and Future M26431 Module
Global Development M26418 Module
Global Environmental Issues and Concerns M24341 Module
Global Issues M20840 Module
Guns, Glory Hunters and Greed: European Colonisation in Africa M25100 Module
Ideology and Politics M24257 Module
International Community Development M22555 Module
International Politics Of The Middle East M20843 Module
International Thought M26426 Module
Key Themes in International Relations M26420 Module
Looking for Utopia, Finding Dystopia? Ideas and Ideologies in the New Millennium M25003 Module
Modern Political Ideologies M20854 Module
Nation, Language And Identity M24336 Module
Nazi Germany M20346 Module
NGOS and Social Movements M26432 Module
Policy And Politics M20847 Module
Political Thought M26422 Module
Politics and Policy in Action M26428 Module
Power, Politics and Policy in Practice M24258 Module
Professional Practice: Skills for Academic and Professional Success M31422 Module
Race, Slavery And Emancipation In The Americas M22691 Module
Rethinking Aid and Development M25046 Module
Russian & Eurasian Politics M20850 Module
Security Challenges in the Twenty-First Century M24264 Module
Soviet History and Politics M31423 Module
State and Society in East Asia M25047 Module
The End of the European Order? Challenges and Threats to European States and Nations M25835 Module
Understanding Governance And Politics M20836 Module
US Foreign Policy: From the Great War to 9/11 M30312 Module
US Politics M30313 Module

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