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Name Code Type
Abstract Algebra U20727 Unit
Advanced Analysis U20726 Unit
Advanced Decision Modelling U20688 Unit
Advancing Mathematics U20723 Unit
Algebraic Structures & Discrete Mathematics U20745 Unit
Applied Mathematics U20746 Unit
Computational Mathematics U20741 Unit
Final Year Project [Mathematics] U20691 Unit
Financial Derivative Pricing U20690 Unit
Fundamental Calculus U20737 Unit
History And Philosophy Of Mathematics U20724 Unit
Intermediate Calculus (Multivariable And Linear Differential Equations) U20743 Unit
Introduction To Statistical Theory And Methods U20736 Unit
Linear Algebra U20738 Unit
Mathematical Foundations U20739 Unit
Mathematical Models U20735 Unit
Mathematics For Finance U20740 Unit
Mathematics Graduates & Employment U20742 Unit
Mechanics and Dynamics U30218 Unit
Modern Astrophysics U20483 Unit
Modern Computational Methods For Operational Research And Logistics U20689 Unit
Nonlinear Dynamics U20685 Unit
Numerical Analysis U20747 Unit
Operational Research U20749 Unit
Partial Differential Equations And Their Applications U20725 Unit
Planning, Scheduling And Supply Chain Management U20687 Unit
Real And Complex Analysis U20744 Unit
Statistical Theory & Methods Ii U20748 Unit
Statistics For Manufacturing, Business & Management U20734 Unit
Statistics Methods In Health Research & Social Science U20732 Unit
Stochastic Processes U20686 Unit
Undergraduate Ambassador U20692 Unit
Universe: Planetary Systems, Stars And Galaxies U20509 Unit

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