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Name Code Type
Advanced Modelling P21991 Unit
Communication and IT P21959 Unit
Computer Aided Design P23511 Unit
Computer Aided Product Analysis and Illustration P21962 Unit
Computer Aided Visualisation P21978 Unit
Conceptual Design P21979 Unit
Illustration Techniques P21969 Unit
Individual Project P21984 Unit
Introduction to Design P21952 Unit
Introduction to Illustration Techniques P22142 Unit
Introduction to Materials and Manufacture P21957 Unit
Introduction to Technology Concepts P21955 Unit
Materials and Manufacture (PD) P21971 Unit
Product Analysis P21973 Unit
Product Electro-Mechanics P21989 Unit
Product Modelling for Manufacture P21986 Unit
Research Methods for Product Design P21972 Unit
Technology Concepts P21967 Unit

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