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'The Way to the Stars': Film and cinema-going in Britain C. 1900- C. 2000 U24910 Unit
Being British After The War: Continuity & Change In British Identity 1945-2005 U22646 Unit
Crime, Sin and Punishment in Britain - 1500-1850 U24912 Unit
Empires And Identities 1750-1914 U20550 Unit
Europe'S Maritime Empires 1600 - 1800 U20552 Unit
Filming The Past: The Early Modern Period On Screen U20554 Unit
From Revolution To Dictatorship - Russia & The Soviet Union 1917-1941 U20858 Unit
Group Research Project 1 (History) U20556 Unit
Group Research Project 2 (History) U20557 Unit
Guns, Glory Hunters and Greed: European Colonisation in Africa U25100 Unit
Historical Methods U20544 Unit
History at University U24233 Unit
History Beyond University U24235 Unit
History Special Subject 1 U20558 Unit
History Special Subject 2 U20559 Unit
History Workplace Experience U20555 Unit
In Darkest England: Culture, Conflict And The City 1790-1860 U20551 Unit
International Politics Of The Middle East U20843 Unit
Introduction To Historical Research U20633 Unit
Modernity And The Masses 1750-1914 U23397 Unit
Problems And Perspectives U20632 Unit
Public History Placement U25762 Unit
Race, Slavery And Emancipation In The Americas U22691 Unit
Ruins, Revolutions and Reunification: Post-War German Society and Culture U24260 Unit
Rum, Sodomy And The Lash: Outlaws At Sea 1600 - 1850 U20553 Unit
Russian & Eurasian Politics U20850 Unit
Seapower: Britain’s Navy, its use and national strategy 1840-1982 U23355 Unit
Society And Culture In Twentieth Century Europe U20545 Unit
The Early Modern World U20546 Unit
The First World War: A Social And Gender History U20620 Unit
Transnational European Union (History) U21296 Unit

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