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Analysing Foreign and Security Policy U26425 Unit
Applying European Union Policy U23434 Unit
Autocracy and Democracy U26429 Unit
Bending the truth a little? Researching politics and international relations U25004 Unit
Business & Markets In A Global Environment U20605 Unit
Comparing Neo-Nazi, Extremist and Populist Movements in Europe U25101 Unit
Conflict And Disaster U20848 Unit
Democratisation In Latin America U24335 Unit
Foundations Of The European Union U20607 Unit
France and Africa: Decolonisation and Post-Colonial Relations U23901 Unit
Global Capitalism: Past, Present and Future U26431 Unit
Global Issues U20840 Unit
Governing the European Union U23435 Unit
International Politics Of The Middle East U20843 Unit
International Thought U26426 Unit
Managing Across Cultures U21141 Unit
Nation, Language And Identity U24336 Unit
Negotiation and Lobbying in the EU: A Simulation Game U23387 Unit
People on the Move: Migration and Borders in Europe U25000 Unit
Political and Social Change In Contemporary Europe U20304 Unit
Professional Development: Recruiters and Candidates U30463 Module
Russian & Eurasian Politics U20850 Unit
Security Challenges in the Twenty-First Century U24264 Unit
Strategic And Security Studies U20852 Unit
The EU in a Global Context U23436 Unit

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