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Name Code Type
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year U30662 Unit
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year U25954 Unit
CCI Self-Employed Placement Year U24361 Unit
Cci Work Placement - Full Year U25953 Unit
Consuming Fictions: Food And Appetite In Victorian Culture U21046 Unit
Creative Writing Dissertation U21544 Unit
Creative Writing For Children And Young Adults U21578 Unit
Creative Writing For Comedy U30764 Unit
Creative Writing For Film U30789 Unit
Ecocritical Perspectives: Environment and Literature, 1820-1939 U23787 Unit
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice U30667 Unit
Enlightenment: Literature, Culture And Modernity U21039 Unit
Fact And Fiction U21545 Unit
Fan Fiction U30790 Unit
Film, Media And Communication Study Placement - Full Year U30666 Unit
Film, Media And Performance Study Exchange U30671 Unit
Finding Form - Fiction U30769 Unit
Finding Form - Nonfiction U30770 Unit
Finding Form - Writing For Performance U30771 Unit
Forensic Linguistics U20803 Unit
Holocaust Literatures U21047 Unit
Literary Powers: Renaissance to Romanticism U23779 Unit
Literary Prizes And Public Acclaim U21028 Unit
Magical Realism U21038 Unit
Music: Practice, Performance And Research U21555 Unit
Nation And Travel U21035 Unit
Neo-Historical Fiction U24880 Unit
Poetry and Poetics U23759 Unit
Professional Experience U22598 Unit
Space, Place and Being U26381 Unit
Student Enterprise U20209 Unit
Telling Tales U21572 Unit
The Literary Journalist U21579 Unit
The Magazine U21559 Unit
The Occult: Anglo-American Spiritualism and the Supernatural, 1840-1930 U25907 Unit
The Script U21543 Unit
The Short Story U21551 Unit
Time, Temporality, Contemporary Fiction U24211 Unit
Tips, Tricks, Techniques U21541 Unit
Travel Writing U21574 Unit
True Stories U21550 Unit
Unpacking Texts: Introducing Critical Theory U25758 Unit
US Masculinities U21049 Unit
Victorian Literature And Visual Culture U21036 Unit
Writing Project (with Publishing) U21552 Unit

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