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Accounting and Finance Dissertation U21079 Unit
Accounting for Strategic Manangement and Control P21077 Unit
Accounting Work Based Learning U23401 Unit
Advanced Financial Accounting P21078 Unit
Advanced Financial Reporting P30264 Unit
Advanced Global Financial Management P30265 Unit
Auditing P21082 Unit
Business Law for Accountants P21131 Unit
Business School Undergraduate Work Placement Event Group B U24061 Unit
Contemporary Topics In Finance And Accounting U30271 Unit
Corporate Governance, Financial Crime, Ethics and Controls P23478 Unit
Dissertation U30266 Unit
Economics For Accountancy P21119 Unit
Essentials Of Financial Accounting P21055 Unit
Financial Crime And Fraud Investigation U21070 Unit
Financial Investment Project U30270 Unit
Financial Reporting P21061 Unit
Human Resource Management U21116 Unit
Independent Study For Accountants U21085 Unit
Independent Study Project U30267 Unit
Integrated Management P21113 Unit
International Accounting U21084 Unit
International Accounting Project U30268 Unit
Operational Management Accounting P21062 Unit
Organisational Management Accounting P21057 Unit
Personal Finance U21065 Unit
Personal Tutorials - Level 6 U30891 Unit
Principles of Operations and Marketing Management P23848 Unit
Professional Accounting Practice U30269 Unit
Professional Advisor U21066 Unit
Professional Development U30272 Unit
Quantitative Methods For Accountants P21110 Unit
Social Financial Practitioner U23402 Unit
Strategic Management U20467 Unit
Strategic Management Accounting P30263 Unit
Toolbox for Accounting Professionals U21056 Unit
Work-Based Financial Project U21080 Unit

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