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Name Code Type
Academic Communication Skills U25687 Unit
Applied Geomorphology U23877 Unit
Coastal Recreation: Environment, Development and Management U24063 Unit
Cold Environments U23821 Unit
Creative Economy, People and Place U24932 Unit
Databases for GIS U20678 Unit
Dynamic Landscapes: Rivers, Glaciers and Coasts U25710 Unit
Employability Skills for Geographers U24883 Unit
Environment and Development U23855 Unit
Environment And Society U22583 Unit
Environmental And Climate Change: Practice U20638 Unit
Environmental and Climate Change: Theory U20639 Unit
Environmental Assessment and Management U24930 Unit
Environmental Hazards: Concepts and Monitoring U23393 Unit
Environmental Monitoring U20637 Unit
Environmental Processes and Hazards U25685 Unit
Environmental Systems And Change U20622 Unit
Foundations Of Human Geography: Local To Global Scale U20673 Unit
Geographical Information Systems In The Workplace U20642 Unit
Geographical Research Methodologies, Techniques And Practice U20807 Unit
Geographies of children and young people U24933 Unit
Geographies Of Health U20810 Unit
Geographies of health and urban wellbeing U24522 Unit
Geographies of Wellbeing, Work and Place U24931 Unit
Geography Of The North-South Divide In Britain Since 1800 U20987 Unit
Geography, Skills And Prospects U22631 Unit
Geomorphology: Theory U23853 Unit
Geopolitics and Geographies of Development U25060 Unit
Gis And Health U20754 Unit
Global Environmental Challenges U25686 Unit
Hazards and Risk: Management and Representation U23762 Unit
Independent Study U20760 Unit
Inventing Places: Cultural Geographies U20753 Unit
Managing and Measuring Environmental Impacts U24779 Unit
Mapping and Modelling Our World U25812 Unit
Past Climates and Landscapes U25715 Unit
Past Global Environmental Change U20681 Unit
Population, Resources And The Environment U20674 Unit
Practical Fieldwork Skills U25688 Unit
Reconstructing Communities U26127 Unit
Reconstructing Environmental Change U25811 Unit
Reconstructing Environmental Change U23820 Unit
Research Design and Practice U24254 Unit
Residential Field Class U20808 Unit
River and Shoreline Management U25735 Unit
River Channel Forms And Processes U20759 Unit
Society and Place U25684 Unit
Soils: Laboratory And Field Approaches U22582 Unit
Sustainable Environmental Management U20731 Unit
Tools for Geographical Enquiry U25689 Unit
Work and Place U23414 Unit

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