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Name Code Type
Academic and Professsional Skills U24962 Unit
Advanced Editorial Technologies U21442 Unit
An Introduction To Editorial Design U21441 Unit
Broadcast Journalism U21371 Unit
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year U30662 Unit
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year U25954 Unit
Cci Work Placement - Full Year U25953 Unit
Copywriting And Web Editing U21377 Unit
Current Affairs U24959 Unit
Digital Skills for Journalists U25647 Unit
Dissertation/Major Project (Journalism) U21381 Unit
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice U30667 Unit
Ethical Issues In Modern Journalism U21368 Unit
Ethical Perspectives On Current Affairs U30754 Unit
Factual Media Production U30766 Unit
Factual Radio and Video U26467 Unit
Feature Writing and News Analysis U24956 Unit
Film, Media And Communication Study Placement - Full Year U30666 Unit
Film, Media And Performance Study Exchange U30671 Unit
Global Journalism and Human Rights U24290 Unit
Government in Britain U24957 Unit
Government In Britain U21369 Unit
Journalism in Context U24958 Unit
Journalism Special Investigation U23830 Unit
Journalists And Propagandists At War U21443 Unit
Law for Journalists U25648 Unit
Law For Journalists U30757 Unit
Mobile and Social Journalism U24963 Unit
Money, Government And Power U21373 Unit
Music Journalism U24961 Unit
Newsbeat U25649 Unit
Newsbeat 24/7 U21367 Unit
Newsroom Production U25729 Unit
Placement (Journalism) U25650 Unit
Placement And Digital Portfolio U21372 Unit
Press And Public Relations U21379 Unit
Press and Public Relations U24960 Unit
Professional Experience U22598 Unit
Reporting U25711 Unit
Smartphone Journalism U30781 Unit
Social Journalism Theory U30782 Unit
Specialist Journalism U30783 Unit
Sports Journalism U21366 Unit
Stranger Than Fiction U21380 Unit
Student Enterprise U20209 Unit
The Development, Role And Influence Of Modern Journalism U21363 Unit
Visual Journalism U21365 Unit
Writing And Producing Magazines U21444 Unit

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