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Name Code Type
Communication And Engineering Technology Appreciation P21958 Unit
Drilling Engineering P21981 Unit
Earth Processes U21375 Unit
Enhanced Oil Recovery and Field Development P24920 Unit
Formation Evaluation And Well Logging P22000 Unit
Individual Project P21984 Unit
Introduction To Petroleum Engineeering P21963 Unit
Mathematical Principles P21384 Unit
Numerical and Computational Methods in Petroleum Engineering P24593 Unit
Petroleum Chemistry P24917 Unit
Petroleum Engineering Principles P24918 Unit
Petroleum Geoscience P24919 Unit
Petroleum Production Engineering P21998 Unit
Petroleum Refinery Operations P21982 Unit
Petroleum Reservoir Fluid Properties And Thermodynamics P21983 Unit
Petroleum Reservoir Simulation P21999 Unit
Reservoir Engineering P21980 Unit

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