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Name Code Type
Accounting Packages And Systems U21067 Unit
Advanced Food and Beverage Studies U25093 Unit
Behavioural Economics and Game Theory (Exch) U25859 Unit
Business & Employment Law S21764 Unit
Business Analysis And Decision Making U23367 Unit
Business Ethics U24393 Unit
Contemporary Employment Relations U22030 Unit
Critical Thinking & Research Skills For Leadership & Management U20887 Unit
Cross Cultural Awareness in Business S21811 Unit
Cross Cultural Awareness in Business (EXCH) U24390 Unit
Culture and Tourism Marketing Specialism U23578 Unit
Customer Insight for Product Management U23850 Unit
Developing Marketing Communications U22032 Unit
Development Economics S20461 Unit
Economics Of Crime And Social Issues S20446 Unit
Economics Of Crime And Social Issues U20446 Unit
Economics Of Money, Banking And Financial Market U20445 Unit
Employment Law U24742 Unit
Entrepreneurship And Employability U21832 Unit
Environmental Economics and the Sustainability Agenda U24333 Unit
Finance and Operations Management U23564 Unit
Financial Management S21075 Unit
Financial Management U21075 Unit
Financial Reporting For Business U23370 Unit
Financial Statement & Data Analysis U21816 Unit
Financial Statements And Data Analysis S21816 Unit
International Banking And Financial Management U20460 Unit
International Banking And Financial Management S20460 Unit
International Business U23020 Unit
International Economics S20444 Unit
International Enterprise U21784 Unit
International Marketing Analysis And Strategy U23019 Unit
International Marketing And Export Trade U25834 Unit
International Trade: Payments and Law U22870 Unit
Managerial And Decision Economics S20440 Unit
Marketing Research & Planning U22039 Unit
Operations And Organisations U21871 Unit
Operations Strategy and Supply Chain Management (EBP) (EXCH) U24404 Unit
Operations Strategy And The Supply Chain (Ebp) U21890 Unit
Organisational Analysis, Theory & Design U22040 Unit
Personal Finance U21065 Unit
Personal Finance S21065 Unit
Project Management For Ebp S21829 Unit
Public Sector Economics U24399 Unit
Responsible Business Management & Sustainability U22042 Unit
Strategic and International Management S21827 Unit

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