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Antimicrobial chemotherapy - theory and practice P22186 Unit
Bioactives natural and synthetic P22184 Unit
Cells To Systems P22177 Unit
Clinical Skills for Pharmacists P26315 Unit
Dbs Check U25353 Unit
Delivering Pharmaceutical Care to Patients P22187 Unit
Developing Life-Long Learning For Pharmacy U22173 Unit
Drug development and formulation P22179 Unit
Evidence Based Practice P26316 Unit
Immunology And Microbiology In Health And Disease P22181 Unit
Introduction to Formulation U22175 Unit
Introduction To Formulation P22175 Unit
Introduction To Neuroscience And Pharmacology U22176 Unit
Introduction To Neuroscience And Pharmacology P22176 Unit
Introduction To Pharmacy Practice P22178 Unit
Iwlp: 20 Cr: Course Structure Purposes Only IWLP20 Unit
Medicines Management In Practice P22191 Unit
Medicines, Patients and Public Health P22183 Unit
Mpharm Personal Tutorials Level 5 U22914 Unit
Mpharm Personal Tutorials Level 6 U22915 Unit
Mpharm Personal Tutorials Level 7 U22916 Unit
MPharm Research Project U22192 Unit
Neuroscience, Endocrinology and Gastrointestinal Pharmacology P22180 Unit
Personalised Medicine And Cancer P26314 Unit
Pharmaceutical Chemistry P22174 Unit
Pharmaceutical Formulation And Quality Assurance P22185 Unit
Pharmacy Research Methods And Ethics U22188 Unit
Respiratory, Renal And Cardiovascular Pharmacology And Therapeutics. P22182 Unit

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