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Acute care across care settings (Sept 19) M25599 Module
Advanced Exercise Physiology M30070 Module
Advanced Geological Field Techniques M30023 Module
Advanced Sports Nutrition M30088 Module
Advanced Strength And Conditioning M30086 Module
Analytical Methods For Earth Sciences M30024 Module
Animal Science M20016 Module
Antimicrobial and Antineoplastic Agents M22205 Module
Applications Of Exercise Physiology M30084 Module
Applied Skill Acquisition M30099 Module
Aspects of Terrestrial Ecology and Evolution M24369 Module
Behaviour Management M30522 Module
Biological & Cognitive Psychology M21610 Module
Biomechanics In Practice M30087 Module
Biomechanics Of Sport And Exercise M30076 Module
Biomolecular Science M20028 Module
Biopsychosocial Approaches To Physical Activity And Health Promotion M30089 Module
Biotechnology M22643 Module
Cell Biology M20008 Module
Cellular and Molecular Drug Targets M22206 Module
Climate Change M20145 Module
Communication For The Dental Team M30521 Module
Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology M21625 Module
Comparative Cultural Analysis In Sport M30093 Module
Conservation Biogeography M30012 Module
Contaminated Land and Groundwater Management M20048 Module
Creative Economy, People and Place M24932 Module
Cultural Psychology M25654 Module
Development: How Form and Function Changes M22084 Module
Dinosaurs and Mammals M25818 Module
Early Vertebrate Evolution M25817 Module
Educational Psychology M25530 Module
Energy Resources M20140 Module
Engaging With Service Improvement (Sep 19) M30119 Module
Engineering Geology And Geotechnics Project M31068 Module
Engineering Geology Of The Quaternary M31027 Module
Environmental Auditing and Assessment M20144 Module
Environmental Change M30003 Module
Environmental Chemistry and Monitoring M25922 Module
Environmental Microbiology M24413 Module
Environmental Physiology M30090 Module
Environmental Pollution And Waste Management M30327 Module
Enzymes and Metabolism M25768 Module
Evidence Based Decision Making (Sep 19) M30125 Module
Exercise In Different Environments M30074 Module
Exploring Data M21623 Module
Fisheries And Aquaculture M30001 Module
Gene Organisation And Expression M20021 Module
Genetics M20011 Module
Genomics In Molecular Medicine M20031 Module
Geodynamics M20109 Module
Geoenvironmental Risk Management M30017 Module
Geographies of children and young people M24933 Module
Geographies Of Development M30008 Module
Geographies of health and urban wellbeing M24522 Module
Geomechanics M30018 Module
Geotechnical Engineering M20045 Module
Gis And Remote Sensing M30005 Module
Glaciers And Glaciation M30006 Module
Global Climate Change in Marine Systems M24370 Module
Ground Investigation M20040 Module
Hazardscapes M30011 Module
Hydrology and Freshwater Ecosystems M20131 Module
Immunology, Inflammatory Diseases & Infective Organisms M22200 Module
Industrial Applications of Palaeontology M25816 Module
Invertebrate And Analytical Palaeontology M30743 Module
Issues in Clinical and Health Psychology M25556 Module
Language And Communication M21620 Module
Macromolecules M20013 Module
Marine Ecology And Conservation M30000 Module
Marine Ecophysiology M20030 Module
Marine Organisms And Ecosystems M20015 Module
Marine Research Skills M24368 Module
Marketing And Promotion Of Sport M30092 Module
Microbiology M20010 Module
Microbiology and Molecular Biology M20003 Module
Micropalaeontology, Palaeobotany, And Palaeoenvironments M30043 Module
Mineral Resources & Exploration M25066 Module
Neuroscience M25529 Module
Neuroscience, Endocrine And Gastrointestinal Pharmacology M22201 Module
Nursing People With Long Term Conditions (Sep 19) M30176 Module
Nutrition For Sport, Exercise And Health M30072 Module
Oceanography M20141 Module
Oceans, Climates And Environments M20108 Module
Palaeontological Techniques M20101 Module
Perspectives On Legal Psychology And Forensic Psychology M30672 Module
Petrology M20096 Module
Pharmacokinetics & Data Analysis M22202 Module
Physical Activity And Exercise For Healthy Ageing M30078 Module
Plant Science M20009 Module
Policy Delivery Through Sport M30083 Module
Practical Boating Skills M25061 Module
Principles Of Skill Acquisition M30073 Module
Professional Practice In Sports Psychology M30085 Module
Professional Skills For Applied Geoscientists M20041 Module
Professional Skills For Geoscientists M20093 Module
Professional Skills For Palaeontologists M20094 Module
Psychology of Investigations M21621 Module
Psychology of Offending Behaviour M21618 Module
Psychology of Security M21619 Module
Psychology Of Sport And Exercise M30071 Module
Psychology Research Project M30047 Module
Psychology Research Project (Extended) M30046 Module
Regional Economic Development And Inequality M30002 Module
Research Based Learning M30252 Module
Respiratory, Renal & Cardiovascular Pharmacology M22203 Module
River Processes And Freshwater Ecology (5) M31146 Module
Rock Engineering M30021 Module
Scientific and Technical Diving Techniques A M23121 Module
Scientific and Technical Diving Techniques B M23122 Module
Sedimentary Processes and Facies Analysis M23882 Module
Social & Developmental Psychology M21612 Module
Social Construction Of Disability M30673 Module
Social Identities And Place M30004 Module
Social work with adults M23300 Module
Social work with children and families M23299 Module
Sport Entrepreneurship And Business Venturing M30091 Module
Sport For Development M30100 Module
Sports Business Management M30079 Module
Sports Facility Management M30080 Module
Strategic Management In Sport M30094 Module
Strength And Conditioning For Sport, Exercise And Health M30077 Module
Structural Geology M20099 Module
Sustainable Environmental Management M20731 Module
The Fossil Record M25815 Module

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