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Accounting Packages And Systems U21067 Unit
Behavioural Finance And The Psychology Of Investment U21087 Unit
Business & Employment Law U21764 Unit
Business Accounting U23348 Unit
Business Analysis And Decision Making U23367 Unit
Business Consultancy Project U25880 Unit
Business Forecasting And Data Analysis U22045 Unit
Business Improvement & Creativity U21806 Unit
Business Innovation Development Project U23349 Unit
Business Operations And Systems Management U23350 Unit
Business Research Project U21905 Unit
Business Research Project - Hrm U22513 Unit
Business Research Project - Marketing U22512 Unit
Business Research Project - Strategy U22514 Unit
Business School Undergraduate Work Placement U22519 Unit
Business Systems Masterclass U24038 Unit
Business Venturing U21772 Unit
Company Law for Business U23372 Unit
Contemporary Employment Relations U22030 Unit
Contemporary Issues In Entrepreneurship U21773 Unit
Contemporary Issues In Product And Service Development U25069 Unit
Criminal Law For Business U24454 Unit
Critical Leadership: Theory And Practice U23369 Unit
Cross Cultural Awareness For Business U21811 Unit
Customer Relationship Management U24035 Unit
Developing Individual & Team Creativity U21776 Unit
Developing Marketing Communications U22032 Unit
Discrimination And Conflict In Employment Law U21812 Unit
Dissertation U22049 Unit
Economics For Business U23351 Unit
Electronic And Mobile Commerce U24526 Unit
Employability, Research And Professional Development U23443 Unit
Enterprise Systems & Processes U22059 Unit
Financial Decision Making And Control U21782 Unit
Financial Markets And Institutions (Level 6) U31004 Unit
Financial Reporting For Business U23370 Unit
Financial Statement & Data Analysis U21816 Unit
Human Resource Development U22034 Unit
Human Resources For The Professional U23765 Unit
Innovation Management U21783 Unit
Intermediate Economics U30892 Unit
International Business U21766 Unit
International Economics U20444 Unit
IT Law & Cyber Crime U21787 Unit
Labour Economics U20456 Unit
Leadership, Ethics, Governance And Sustainability U23371 Unit
Legal Aspects of Business U23366 Unit
Legal Issues In Procurement And Supply U25850 Unit
Management & Information Systems U21823 Unit
Management Accounting For Strategic Analysis And Control U21822 Unit
Managerial And Decision Economics U20440 Unit
Managing Equality & Diversity At Work U21824 Unit
Managing People In Organisations U23352 Unit
Managing Product Portfolios U25070 Unit
Marketing Principles And Practice U23353 Unit
Money, Banking And Finance U22053 Unit
Operations Strategy And The Supply Chain U25719 Unit
People Resourcing U22054 Unit
People Resourcing And Talent Management U30921 Unit
Procurement And Supply U25852 Unit
Professional Selling U24000 Unit
Project Management For Enterprise U21829 Unit
Public Sector Economics U20462 Unit
Quantitative Approaches To Decision Modelling U23444 Unit
Quantitative Methods And Data Analysis U23354 Unit
Responsible And Sustainable Business U30341 Unit
Risk Management And Supply Chain Vulnerability U25851 Unit
Sales Management U24001 Unit
Services Marketing U30932 Unit
Social Computing For Business U24036 Unit
Social Marketing U30933 Unit
Strategic Management U20467 Unit
Trends In Technology U30954 Unit
Work Based Learning U22057 Unit

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