Level 6

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Name Code Type
Anti-Fraud Strategies U21155 Unit
Aviation Security U30910 Unit
Business Administration in the Security and Justice Sectors U25538 Unit
Business Continuity and Crisis Management (DL) U24870 Unit
Contemporary International Policing Systems U25557 Unit
Corporate Security U21156 Unit
Counter Terrorism and UK National Security U23832 Unit
Crime, Media and Culture U23809 Unit
Criminal Justice and Minority Groups U21158 Unit
Critical Issues in Public Protection Policing U24096 Unit
Cybercrime and Law U24737 Unit
Dangerousness and Dangerous Offenders U21159 Unit
Dissertation U21291 Unit
Frameworks of Investigation U21160 Unit
Fundamentals of Forensic Investigation U24204 Unit
Global State and Corporate Security U24212 Unit
Hate Crime U21193 Unit
Hate Crime, Discrimination and Criminal Justice U30911 Unit
Information Security U24207 Unit
Internet Risk and Security U21164 Unit
Interviewing and Evidence U21163 Unit
Introduction to Criminal Law and Legal Studies U21166 Unit
Introduction to Investigation U24101 Unit
Introduction to Management U21168 Unit
Introduction to Research Skills U23796 Unit
Introduction to Security Management U21174 Unit
Investigation: Psychology and Law U21171 Unit
Issues in Criminal Justice U21194 Unit
Issues in Criminology U21172 Unit
Major Crime Investigation:Success and Failure U24213 Unit
Organised Crime U21175 Unit
Penology U21176 Unit
Police Operations and Policing Processes U21177 Unit
Private Policing U21181 Unit
Research Methods U21184 Unit
Risk Management U24249 Unit
Social Context of Policing U21186 Unit
Studying Criminology U21187 Unit
The Development of Counter Fraud U30909 Unit
The Fraud Problem U21189 Unit
Understanding Criminology U21167 Unit
Victimology - Victimisation and the Criminal Justice System U21191 Unit
Youth Crime, Youth Justice U22927 Unit

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