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Name Code Type
Advanced Applied Physics Research Project U24578 Unit
Advanced Computational Techniques U24577 Unit
Advanced Instrumentation U24579 Unit
Applied Physics Study Tour U20287 Unit
Electricity and Magnetism U24198 Unit
Energy Resources U20140 Unit
Health Physics U20288 Unit
Introduction to Computational Physics U24200 Unit
Introduction To Laboratory And Field Physics U20275 Unit
Introduction To Mathematical Physics 1 U20273 Unit
Introduction To Mathematical Physics 2 U20274 Unit
Introduction to Modern Physics and Astrophysics U24569 Unit
Mathematical Physics U20278 Unit
Minor Group Project U24572 Unit
Modern Astrophysics 1 U24573 Unit
Multiferroic Materials and Their Application U24576 Unit
Nanoscale Surface Physics U25668 Unit
Particle Physics U23525 Unit
Practical Laboratory And Field Physics U20282 Unit
Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information U26359 Unit
Quantum Mechanics with Applications in Quantum Information and Nanostructures U24574 Unit
Radio Frequency And Microwave Systems U20286 Unit
Space Science and Aplications of Physics U24199 Unit
Thermodynamics And Statistical Physics U20279 Unit
Undergraduate Ambassador U20692 Unit
Universe: Planetary Systems, Stars And Galaxies U20509 Unit
Waves And Optics U20281 Unit
Work Based Learning [Physics] U22594 Unit

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