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Name Code Type
Advanced Electronic Systems P21413 Unit
Analogue Analysis and Design P21402 Unit
Digital Signal Processing P21417 Unit
Engineering Mathematics P21400 Unit
Engineering Sciences P21385 Unit
Group Design Project P21399 Unit
Individual Project P23441 Unit
Introduction to Algorithms and Programming P21387 Unit
Introduction To Analogue Circuits P21388 Unit
Mathematical Principles P21384 Unit
Microcontrollers And Programmable Logic P21403 Unit
Network Protocols P24928 Unit
Network Security and Reliability P21405 Unit
Network Simulation and Traffic Management P23531 Unit
Principles Of Digital Systems P21389 Unit
Telecommunication Principles P25091 Unit
Transmission Techniques And Broadcasting P21416 Unit
VHDL & FPGA Systems P21414 Unit
Writing And Research In The Workplace P21383 Unit

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