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Name Code Type
Biodiversity and Evolution U20000 Unit
Climate Change U20145 Unit
Coastal Ecosystems U20029 Unit
Conservation Biogeography U30012 Unit
Energy Resources U20140 Unit
Environmental and Climate Change: Theory U20639 Unit
Environmental Auditing and Assessment U20144 Unit
Environmental Change U30003 Unit
Environmental Chemistry and Monitoring U25922 Unit
Environmental Fieldwork and Professional Skills U24246 Unit
Environmental Forensics U25099 Unit
Environmental GIS and Data Analysis U24245 Unit
Environmental Pollution And Waste Management U30327 Unit
Environmental Science Dissertation U20143 Unit
Environmental Science Project U20142 Unit
Environmental Systems U20137 Unit
European Study Tour U30107 Unit
Fieldwork And Professional Skills U31154 Unit
Gis And Remote Sensing U30005 Unit
Global Climate Change in Marine Systems U24370 Unit
Hydrology and Freshwater Ecosystems U20131 Unit
Introduction to Marine Ecology and Oceanography U25775 Unit
Iwlp: 20 Cr: Course Structure Purposes Only IWLP20 Unit
Literature Review U25756 Unit
Marine Ecology And Conservation U30000 Unit
Marine Organisms And Ecosystems U20015 Unit
Oceanography U20141 Unit
Planet Earth U20316 Unit
Practical Boating Skills U25061 Unit
Quantitative Methods U20091 Unit
Research Design And Data Analysis U30103 Unit
Research Methodology & Technical Training U24588 Unit
Research Methodology and Technical Training U25268 Unit
Research Project U25266 Unit
Science For Earth Systems U20092 Unit
Scientific and Technical Diving Techniques A U23121 Unit
Scientific and Technical Diving Techniques B U23122 Unit
Sees Tutorial Programme Level 5 U24020 Unit
Study Tour Belize U25773 Unit
Study Tour Portugal U25774 Unit
Tropical Study Tour U30102 Unit
Waste Management And Environmental Pollution U20729 Unit

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