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Name Code Type
Black American Film U21524 Unit
British Cinema U30763 Unit
British Cinema: 1930-1970 U22644 Unit
British Cinema: 1970-2010 U22645 Unit
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year U30662 Unit
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year U25954 Unit
CCI Self-Employed Placement Year U24361 Unit
Cci Work Placement - Full Year U25953 Unit
Comedy Culture And Form U21570 Unit
Costuming The Screen U21514 Unit
Critical Hollywood U21569 Unit
Documentary Screens U23768 Unit
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice U30667 Unit
Film Journalism U21530 Unit
Film Stardom And Celebrity Culture U21515 Unit
Film, Genre and Adaptations U24922 Unit
Film, Media And Communication Study Placement - Full Year U30666 Unit
Film, Media And Performance Study Exchange U30671 Unit
Gender, Sexuality and Cinema U23775 Unit
Hollywood And Beyond U30774 Unit
Hollywood And Morality U30775 Unit
Marketing Movies U30793 Unit
Marketing Movies U23769 Unit
Media Fan Cultures U21539 Unit
Music: Practice, Performance And Research U21555 Unit
Practical Video Project U21523 Unit
Production Introduction - Script And Shooting U21522 Unit
Production: Camera And Editing U30776 Unit
Production: Short Film-Making U30777 Unit
Professional Experience U22598 Unit
Researching Animation U21571 Unit
Researching Genre U30779 Unit
Researching Genre in Film and Television U24340 Unit
Screen Media U21512 Unit
Screen Research U24924 Unit
Screening Europe U21513 Unit
Spectacular Hollywood U21537 Unit
Student Enterprise U20209 Unit
Study Abroad U22653 Unit
Studying Comedy U30796 Unit
The Entertainment Industries U23767 Unit
Transmedia Narratives and Strategies U24263 Unit
UK Film Industry: Past, Present and Future U23771 Unit
Understanding Film Production U30761 Unit
World And Transnational Cinema U21526 Unit
Writing For The Film And Tv Industries U30762 Unit

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