previously BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography(last exit July2019)

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Name Code Type
Advanced Medical Imaging Practice 1 U20503 Unit
Advanced Medical Imaging Practice 2 U20504 Unit
Anatomy & imaging practices for digestive, renal and transport systems U24383 Unit
Applied Anatomy and Physiology 1 U25929 Unit
Applied Anatomy and Physiology 2. U25930 Unit
Applied Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice U30110 Unit
Applied Physics Of Radiography U20488 Unit
Basic Radiation Physics U24377 Unit
Biological Principles And Applications For Diagnostic Radiographers 1 U20485 Unit
Biological Principles And Applications For Diagnostic Radiographers 2 U22899 Unit
Biological Principles And Applications For Diagnostic Radiographers 3 U20492 Unit
Clinical Learning and Foundations of Patient Care U25932 Unit
Core Skills Training Framework U24374 Unit
Dbs Check U25353 Unit
Diagnostic Radiography Work Based Learning I U24379 Unit
Employability Skills 1 U24380 Unit
Employability Skills And Career Development For Radiographers U20493 Unit
Engaging With Service Improvement U30119 Unit
Enhancing Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice U30120 Unit
Essential Anatomy and Physiology for Diagnostic Radiographers U24385 Unit
Evidence Based Decision Making U30125 Unit
Foundation Of Evidence Based Practice U30127 Unit
Foundations Of Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice U30126 Unit
Foundations of scientific inquiry U24734 Unit
Human Biological Principles U30144 Unit
Image Interpretation U25941 Unit
Imaging Science & Clinical Governance U30149 Unit
Inter-Professional Skills For Radiographers 1 P20487 Unit
Interprofessional Skills For Radiographers 2 P22730 Unit
Introduction to imaging U24378 Unit
Management Of Professional Practice U20502 Unit
Medical Imaging Modalities U30150 Unit
Medical Imaging Modalities U20495 Unit
Occupational Health Year 1 U25309 Unit
Occupational Health Year 2 U25310 Unit
Physical Principles Of Radiography U20484 Unit
Principles Of Image Interpretation And Locomotor System U20496 Unit
Radiation Physics U30148 Unit
Radiation Physics for Imaging U25931 Unit
Radiography Tutorials Level 4 U25928 Unit
Radiography Tutorials Level 5 U25934 Unit
Radiography Tutorials Level 6 U25940 Unit
Science Informing Practice U30153 Unit
Unit name Work Based Learning for Diagnostic Radiographers III U20505 Unit
Work based learning for diagnostic radiographers II U20497 Unit

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