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Name Code Type
Applied Dental Hygiene Professional Practice P30519 Unit
Behaviour Management P30522 Unit
Communication For The Dental Team P30521 Unit
Core Skills Training Framework U24374 Unit
Core Skills Training Framework Repeat Level 5 U26099 Unit
Core Skills Training Framework Repeat Level 6 U26100 Unit
Dental Radiography And Dental Imaging P21744 Unit
Dh L4 Tutorials U26395 Unit
Dh L5 Tutorials U26397 Unit
Dh L6 Tutorials U26399 Unit
Engaging With Service Improvement U30119 Unit
Enhancing Dental Hygiene Professional Practice P30525 Unit
Evidence Based Decision Making U30125 Unit
Foundation Of Evidence Based Practice U30127 Unit
Foundations Of Dental Hygiene Practice P30513 Unit
Fundamentals Of Dental Hygiene Practice P30516 Unit
Integrated Clinical Practice (L4) U31181 Unit
Integrated Clinical Practice (L5) U31182 Unit
Leading Safe And Effective Care (Dental) P31272 Unit
Project U24120 Unit
Science Informing Practice U30153 Unit
Upda Events Dh1 U26394 Unit
Upda Events Dh2 U26396 Unit
Upda Events Dh3 U26398 Unit

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