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Beliefs, Communities, and Conflicts: Europe 1400-1750 M32745 Module
Culture and Conflict in Europe 1450-2000 M30481 Module
Danger! Censorship, Power and the People M30472 Module
Debating the Past: Historical Case Studies M32759 Module
Discovering World Histories: People and Places M33241 Module
Empire and its Afterlives in Britain, Europe, and Africa M32750 Module
Fear and Fun: Popular Culture and Elite Anxieties M30473 Module
Going Global: Encounters & Exchanges, 1450-2000 M30478 Module
Imagined Communities: Ethnicity and National Identity M30474 Module
Nazi Germany M20346 Module
Professional Development: Recruiters and Candidates M30463 Module
Race, Ethnicity, And Nation: Imagining Postwar Britain and Germany M32752 Module
Rethinking Nazi Germany: Politics, History, Society M32159 Module
Ruins, Revolutions and Reunification: Post-War German Society and Culture M24260 Module
Slavery and Antislavery in the Atlantic World M30434 Module
Societies, Nations, and Empires: Europe 1750-2000 M32746 Module
Soviet History and Politics M31423 Module
Specialist Option: Empires and Identities M33246 Module
Specialist Option: Everyday Life, Extraordinary Lives and Challenging Inequality M33247 Module
Specialist Option: Popular Cultures M33248 Module
Specialist Option: Societies in Revolution M33249 Module
The Extraordinary and the Everyday: People, Places and Possessions M30475 Module
The Hidden Lives of Things: Material Culture in the Early Modern World M32751 Module
Thinking Like an Historian M30477 Module
Thinking Like An Historian M32747 Module
Traces of the Past: Exploring Lives Through Sources M32744 Module
Transitional Justice & Human Rights M33328 Module
Underworlds: Crime, Deviance and Punishment in Britain, 1500-1900 M30476 Module
Working with the Past M31425 Module
World Histories: Introduction to African, East Asian and North American History M32748 Module

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