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Advertising M30947 Module
Advertising And Public Relations M22043 Module
Becoming a Marketing Professional M32643 Module
Business Accounting M20431 Module
Business Accounting M23348 Module
Business Accounting M24460 Module
Business Analysis And Decision Making M23367 Module
Business Enterprise M21774 Module
Business Innovation Development Project M24502 Module
Business Operations And Systems Management M24495 Module
Business Research Project M21905 Module
Business Research Project - Marketing M22512 Module
Contemporary Issues In Product And Service Development M25069 Module
Creative Communications M25837 Module
Cross Cultural Awareness For Business M21811 Module
Customer Insight for Product Management M23850 Module
Developing Marketing Communications M22032 Module
Developing New Products And Managing Brands M22048 Module
Digital Marketing M30926 Module
Digital Marketing Strategies M22033 Module
Digital Marketing Strategies (Level 6) M22597 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy (Level 6) M30927 Module
Dissertation (Marketing) M23870 Module
Economics For Business M24467 Module
Employability Research and Professional Development (Marketing) M25838 Module
Enterprise Financial Management M21780 Module
Exploring the Marketing Professional M32642 Module
First Port Of Call (Year 1) M22578 Module
First Port Of Call (Year 2) M22579 Module
Global Marketing M22051 Module
Interdisciplinary Group Project M22567 Module
Managing Marketing Communications M22052 Module
Managing People In Organisations M24488 Module
Managing Product Portfolios M22038 Module
Managing Product Portfolios M25070 Module
Marketing Analysis M22026 Module
Marketing Communications M30930 Module
Marketing Consultancy Project M23858 Module
Marketing Principles And Practice M24481 Module
Marketing Principles In Practice (Dl) M26347 Module
Marketing Research & Planning M22039 Module
Marketing Research Project M30929 Module
People, Work And Organisations M22027 Module
Professional Selling M24000 Module
Public Relations M30931 Module
Quantitative Methods And Data Analysis M24474 Module
Research And Quantitative Methods M22041 Module
Responsible Business Management & Sustainability M22042 Module
Services Marketing M30932 Module
Social Marketing M30933 Module
Strategic Marketing In A Global Environment M26409 Module
Success In Your Final Year M24429 Module
Understanding Brands M25833 Module
Understanding Consumers (L5) M25854 Module
Understanding Markets & The Economy M21762 Module
Work Based Learning M22057 Module

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