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Advanced Psychological Science M26439 Module
Approaches to Psychology M24299 Module
Biological & Cognitive Psychology M21610 Module
Consumer Society: Critical Themes and Issues M30440 Module
Consumer Society: Critical Themes and Issues M20526 Module
Creative Research Methods in Psychology M30452 Module
Critical Psychology M26440 Module
Cultural Psychology M25654 Module
Developing Your Sociological Imagination M30438 Module
Dissertation/Major Project (Sociology) M20985 Module
Doing Sociological Research M20527 Module
Emotions And Social Life M22569 Module
Equality or Liberation? Theorising Social Justice M30441 Module
Equality or Liberation? Theorising Social Justice M24965 Module
Family, Career and Generation M30442 Module
Food, Culture and Society M30595 Module
Food, Culture And Society M20529 Module
Gender & Sexuality M24715 Module
Gender and Sexuality M30443 Module
Health, Wellbeing and Happiness M30594 Module
Health, Wellbeing and Happiness M24964 Module
Individual Differences and Psychometrics M21613 Module
Introduction to Psychological Science M23773 Module
Introduction to Social Psychology M25908 Module
Introduction to Teaching M25763 Module
Key Ideas in Human and Animal Behaviour M21607 Module
Learning from Experience M20769 Module
Learning from Experience (FHSS: LiFE) M20768 Module
Modernity And Globalisation M20530 Module
Nationalism and Migration: Chaos, Crisis and the Everyday M24966 Module
Psychological Science M30586 Module
Psychology for the Social Sciences M26438 Module
Psychology in the Community M30459 Module
Race and Racism M30447 Module
Race, Ethnicity and Power: Global Inequalities M23745 Module
Research Design And Analysis M20532 Module
Risk And Society M20533 Module
Social & Developmental Psychology M21612 Module
Social Power, Elites and Dissent M30448 Module
Sociology of Culture: Taste, Value and Celebrity M30449 Module
The Body: Sociological Perspectives M32279 Module
The Sociology of Education M31605 Module
Theorising Social Life M20537 Module
Understanding Personal Life M32183 Module
Understanding Personal Life M32182 Module
Violence, War and Society M30450 Module
Violence, War And Society M20541 Module
Work, Employment And Society M20542 Module

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