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Agile Project Management And Team Working M30834 Unit
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year M30662 Unit
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year M25954 Unit
CCI Self-Employed Placement Year M24347 Unit
Cci Work Placement - Full Year M25953 Unit
Client Led Project M30856 Unit
Client Led Project - Project Initiation M31816 Unit
Client Led Project - Project Resolution M31817 Unit
Communication Design U23535 Unit
Computer Graphics For Digital Media M30835 Unit
Creative And Critical Research Design M30845 Unit
Creative Coding Practice M25723 Unit
Creative Industries Project Management M23493 Unit
Creative Platforms M20220 Unit
Creative Technologies Study Exchange M30670 Unit
Creative Technologies Study Placement - Full Year M30665 Unit
CT Placement And Learning M22886 Unit
Data Manipulation and Presentation M23494 Unit
Data Visualisation M30846 Unit
Database Driven Streaming Media Website Development M20240 Unit
Designing Interactive Content M20187 Unit
Digital Culture And Creative Industries M30837 Unit
Digital Filming and Technology M20161 Unit
Digital Identities In The Creative Industries M30847 Unit
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice M30667 Unit
Eportfolio for Media, Audio and Graphics M25683 Unit
Final Year Project M31481 Unit
Final Year Project M20234 Unit
Final Year Project: Preparation M30859 Unit
Final Year Project: Resolution M30860 Unit
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence M31529 Unit
Future Technologies M30861 Unit
Interaction Design M30850 Unit
Interactive Playground M30851 Unit
Interdisciplinary Group Project M22567 Unit
Introduction to Mobile Applications M24334 Unit
Introduction to Virtual Reality M26286 Unit
Mobile Application Development M23499 Unit
Mobile Application Development M30852 Unit
Mobile Game Applications M20232 Unit
Music: Practice, Performance And Research M21555 Unit
Professional Experience M22598 Unit
Programming Fundamentals M30838 Unit
Project Preparation and Career Planning M22599 Unit
Radio and Video for Web M24346 Unit
Radio Production And Presentation Skills M20202 Unit
Responsive Design And Development M30839 Unit
Rich Media Website Delivery M30854 Unit
Scripting And Interactive Web M20172 Unit
Scripting and Interactive Web M23289 Unit
Streaming Media Encoding M20238 Unit
Streaming Media Website Design And Delivery M20239 Unit
Student Enterprise M20209 Unit
Student Initiated Project M20208 Unit
User Experience Design M26285 Unit
Virtual Reality Development M31005 Unit
Web Engineering and Design M20179 Unit
Web Standards M20332 Unit

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