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Advanced 2D Animation M22601 Module
Advanced 3D Animation M22602 Module
Advanced Pre-Production Methods M23497 Module
Advanced Visual Effects M32836 Module
Advanced Visual Effects And Environments M24304 Module
Advanced Visual Research For Animation M20214 Module
Ancilliary Animation and Software Skills M20180 Module
Animation Group Project: Introduction M30843 Module
Animation Group Project: Production M30844 Module
Animation L4 M32020 Module
Animation L5 M32021 Module
Animation L6 M32022 Module
Animation Principles M20249 Module
Animation Production M20189 Module
Cartoon Animation M23491 Module
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year M30662 Module
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year M25954 Module
CCI Self-Employed Placement Year M24347 Module
Cci Work Placement - Full Year M25953 Module
Character Animation And Performance M20183 Module
Character Animation Project M24330 Module
Creative Technologies Study Abroad - TB1 M33366 Module
Creative Technologies Study Abroad - TB2 M33367 Module
Creative Technologies Study Exchange M30670 Module
Creative Technologies Study Placement - Full Year M30665 Module
CT Placement And Learning M22886 Module
Employment Preparation M20263 Module
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice M30667 Module
Experimental Animation M30848 Module
Group project production M20250 Module
History And Theory Of Animation M25721 Module
Industry work placement M20247 Module
Intermediate 2D Animation M26300 Module
Intermediate 3D Animation M26301 Module
Intermediate Visual Effects M32850 Module
Introduction To 2D Animation M26302 Module
Introduction To 3D Animation M26303 Module
Introduction To Visual Research For Animation M20178 Module
Major Project Animation M22600 Module
Major Project: Part 1 M33298 Module
Major Project: Part 2 M33299 Module
Meaning & Representation M20170 Module
Methodology For Animation Production M20251 Module
Modelling for Animation and Vfx M32853 Module
Motion Capture Applications M23500 Module
Music: Practice, Performance And Research M21555 Module
Narrative M20329 Module
Production Contexts M20201 Module
Professional Experience M22598 Module
Signs And Meaning In Animation M25720 Module
Sound And Visualisation M20330 Module
Student Enterprise M20209 Module
Visual Effects M32857 Module
Written Project M20248 Module

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