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A Voice And So Much More M30692 Module
Advanced Scene Study (Drama And Performance) M30689 Module
Alternative Theatres M26246 Module
Applied Theatre For Young Audiences M30710 Module
Applied Theatre: Workshop Skills M30711 Module
Art Design And Performance Study Exchange M30669 Module
Art, Design and Performance Study Abroad TB1 M33362 Module
Art, Design and Performance Study Abroad TB2 M33363 Module
British Musical Theatre: Unsung Legacies M24874 Module
Budgets And Projects M21598 Module
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year M30662 Module
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year M25954 Module
CCI Self-Employed Placement Year M24373 Module
Cci Work Placement - Full Year M25953 Module
Critical Contexts M30693 Module
Devised Project M21590 Module
Drama and Performance Dissertation M21521 Module
Drama and Performance Level 4 Event M32792 Module
Drama and Performance Level 5 Event M32793 Module
Drama and Performance Level 6 Event M32794 Module
Drama In Context M21592 Module
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice M30667 Module
Forming A Company M21600 Module
Forming a Company M33271 Module
Immersive and Micro Performance M24243 Module
Intensive Drama Workshop M21582 Module
Interdisciplinarity In Context M21560 Module
Interdisciplinary Critical Approaches M21583 Module
Interdisciplinary Performance M21584 Module
Major Academic Project M30715 Module
Making Theatre M30680 Module
Milestones M21581 Module
Movement For Performance (Drama And Performance) M30681 Module
Music: Practice, Performance And Research M21555 Module
Musical Theatre and all that Jazz M26249 Module
Musical Theatre In Context M21520 Module
Musical Theatre Skills M21599 Module
Performance - Criticism and Analysis M26250 Module
Performance - Criticism and Analysis M26251 Module
Performance And Society M30683 Module
Performance Histories M30700 Module
Performance Laboratory M24878 Module
Play Writing and Text for Performance M31443 Module
Political Performance M31444 Module
Postdramatic Performance M24348 Module
Practical Skills M21516 Module
Professional Experience M22598 Module
Puppetry and Object Theatre M24242 Module
Space Time And Performance M30707 Module
Space, Place and Theatre M26252 Module
Student Enterprise M20209 Module
Studio Project M21563 Module
Text and Practice M21519 Module
Theatre Audiences M30708 Module
Theatre Histories M26253 Module
Theatre Skills M21517 Module
Theatre Studies and Industries M33270 Module
Voice And The Actor M30688 Module
Voice Studies M24866 Module

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