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Broadcast Radio and Podcasting M33276 Module
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year M30662 Module
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year M25954 Module
Cci Work Placement - Full Year M25953 Module
CT Placement And Learning M22886 Module
Documentary Film-Making M20225 Module
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice M30667 Module
Eportfolio for Film and Broadcasting M25658 Module
External Client Project M32817 Module
Factual Media Production M30766 Module
Factual Radio and Video M26467 Module
Film, Media and Communication Study Abroad - TB1 M33368 Module
Film, Media and Communication Study Abroad - TB2 M33369 Module
Film, Media And Performance Study Exchange M30671 Module
Final Year Project M20234 Module
Future Production M33275 Module
Introduction To Television Skills M20174 Module
Major Broadcast Project M32825 Module
Media Futures, Content And Audience M30794 Module
Mobile Journalism M32827 Module
Music: Practice, Performance And Research M21555 Module
Post Production - Editing M32828 Module
Presenting and Writing for Broadcast M24305 Module
Presenting And Writing For Television M20176 Module
Professional Development for Television L4 M32829 Module
Professional Development for Television L5 M32830 Module
Professional Development for Television L6 M32831 Module
Professional Experience M22598 Module
Radio and Video for Web M24346 Module
Radio Production And Presentation Skills M20202 Module
Researching Genre M30779 Module
Researching The Media M30759 Module
Rich Internet Video Applications M20204 Module
Self Promotion M25664 Module
Student Enterprise M20209 Module
Student Initiated Project M20208 Module
Television Broadcasting M32834 Module
Television Format Live M30784 Module
Television Pilot M30785 Module
Television Transmission M20243 Module
TV Client-Led Video M20212 Module
TV Live Production M20213 Module
Underwater Filming And Media M30872 Module

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