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African American History & Culture M20296 Module
Analysing Media Discourse M21021 Module
Anti-Fraud Strategies M21155 Module
Applying European Union Policy M23434 Module
Aspiring Leaders and Managers M32545 Module
Behaviour Matters M20668 Module
Bending the truth a little? Researching politics and international relations M25004 Module
Bloody Shakespeare: Shakespeare's History Plays M32160 Module
British Culture M20981 Module
British Politics, 1945 to Today. Leadership Personality, Policy and Power M25005 Module
Business & Markets In A Global Environment M20605 Module
Business Communication 2 M20355 Module
Business Communication 3 M22596 Module
Challenges to EU Politics and Governance M23376 Module
Children With (Severe) Learning Difficulties M22581 Module
Children's Literature M20655 Module
China & East Asian Economies M20350 Module
Chinese Politics and Society M23428 Module
Civil Rights USA M32756 Module
Clinical Linguistics M23886 Module
Community Justice M24763 Module
Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis M20845 Module
Comparative Politics M20846 Module
Contemporary And Global Issues for Children and Young People M24232 Module
Contemporary Criminologies M21009 Module
Contemporary East Asian Societies and Cultures M23427 Module
Contemporary Security In International Relations: Providers and Challenges  M22426 Module
Contemporary Terrorism and the Global Response M23805 Module
Corporate Analysis And Strategies In An International Environment M20356 Module
Crime Disorder and Justice M23798 Module
Crime Exclusion and Mental Health M22989 Module
Crime Writing M21031 Module
Crimes of the Powerful M21003 Module
Dangerous Offenders and Public Protection M25560 Module
Debating the Past: Historical Case Studies M32759 Module
Democratisation In Latin America M24335 Module
Developing And Extending Young Children's Thinking For Learning M20662 Module
Digital Communication M25742 Module
Digital Media and Democracy M25712 Module
Doing Sociological Research M20527 Module
Economics and Politics of Development M23898 Module
Emotions And Social Life M22569 Module
Empire and its Afterlives in Britain, Europe, and Africa M32750 Module
Empires And Identities 1750-1914 M20550 Module
English Forms and Functions M23899 Module
English In An Historical Perspective M20310 Module
English In The World M20521 Module
English Words And Phrases M20311 Module
Europe: Integration And Democratisation M22429 Module
Families in Need M24997 Module
Fighting Over Europe: Parties, Business, NGOs and Lobbying in the EU M23577 Module
Food, Culture And Society M20529 Module
Forensic Linguistics M20803 Module
Forensic Psychology M21014 Module
France In The World: Global Actor Or Global Maverick? M20512 Module
France: Crisis, Renewal and Reinvention (1931-1981) M24999 Module
French General Language Grade 3 M21449 Module
French General Language Grade 4 M21451 Module
French General Language Grade 6 M21452 Module
From Revolution to Reconstruction: U.S. History from 1750 M24265 Module
Gang Crime M32207 Module
Gender In The Developing World M22554 Module
General Language Grade 5 (English) M20982 Module
General Language Grade 6 (English) M21128 Module
German General Language Grade 3 M23013 Module
German General Language Grade 4 M21456 Module
German General Language Grade 6 M21457 Module
Global Governance M22430 Module
Global Political Economy M20851 Module
Global, State and Corporate Security M21005 Module
Hate Crime M21002 Module
Holocaust Literatures M21047 Module
Home and Away: USA Foreign and Domestic Policy M23903 Module
Ideology and Politics M24257 Module
In Darkest England: Culture, Conflict And The City 1790-1860 M20551 Module
Intelligence Analysis M24768 Module
Intercultural Perspectives On Communication M20615 Module
International Community Development M22555 Module
Interpreting (French) M23480 Module
Interpreting (German) M23545 Module
Interpreting (Spanish) M23546 Module
Introduction to Professional Language Services M33253 Module
Issues Relating To Children And Young People's Mental Health M20671 Module
Italian General Language Grade 3 M23014 Module
Italian General Language Grade 4 M21461 Module
Italian General Language Grade 6 M21462 Module
Japanese General Language Grade 1 M21483 Module
Japanese General Language Grade 2 M21484 Module
Just Playing? M20659 Module
Literary Prizes And Public Acclaim M21028 Module
Looking for Utopia, Finding Dystopia? Ideas and Ideologies in the New Millennium M25003 Module
Management of Criminal Investigations M21153 Module
Managing Across Cultures M21141 Module
Mandarin General Language Grade 3 M23015 Module
Mandarin General Language Grade 4 M21471 Module
Mandarin General Language Grade 6 M21472 Module
Marketing & Communication M20359 Module
Mass Communication M20983 Module
Migration in East Asia M23431 Module
Miscarriages of Justice M21016 Module
Modernity And Globalisation M20530 Module
Nation And Identity In Europe M22431 Module
Nationalism and Migration: Chaos, Crisis and the Everyday M24966 Module
Negotiation and Lobbying in the EU: A Simulation Game M23396 Module
Neo-Historical Fiction M24880 Module
Penology and Prisons M25655 Module
People on the Move: Migration and Borders in Europe M25000 Module
Portuguese General Language Grade 1 M21487 Module
Professional Communication For Business M20805 Module
Promoting Early Learning (0-3) M20661 Module
Protest, Dissent and Solidarity Beyond Borders M25050 Module
Questioning Criminology M20995 Module
Race, Slavery And Emancipation In The Americas M22691 Module
Regional Powers, Politics and Security in a Multi-Polar World M25002 Module
Researching English Vocabulary M23907 Module
Revolution, Repression & Resistance In Spain M20306 Module
Risk And Society M20533 Module
Scholarship And Research Management M20775 Module
Security Challenges in the Twenty-First Century M24264 Module
Sociology Of Culture M20534 Module
Spanish General Language Grade 3 M23016 Module
Spanish General Language Grade 4 M21466 Module
Spanish General Language Grade 6 M21467 Module
State and Society in East Asia M25047 Module
Styles and Subversions: Nineteenth Century to the Present M23785 Module
The Analysis And Use Of Evidence: Policy And Service Development M20792 Module
The Anthropology Of Development M22556 Module
The End of the European Order? Challenges and Threats to European States and Nations M25835 Module
The Fraud Problem M24444 Module
The Gothic M33816 Module
The Hidden Lives of Things: Material Culture in the Early Modern World M32751 Module
The Politics and Culture of the Hispanic World in 20th Century Literature and Film M23922 Module
Time, Temporality, Contemporary Fiction M24211 Module
Transformations Of Modern Society M20538 Module
Transitional Justice & Human Rights M20347 Module
Translation Theory and Practice (UG) (Chinese) M22672 Module
Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders M21015 Module
Understanding Britain Today M20619 Module
US Masculinities M21049 Module
Using Technology in Language Teaching M23432 Module
Victims of Crime: Key Players in Criminal Justice M21001 Module
Victorian Literature And Visual Culture M21036 Module
Who's In Charge? M20667 Module
Wildlife Crime: Threats and Response M23803 Module
Women's Writing in the Americas M25911 Module
Working With Looked After Children M22580 Module
Workplace Discourse M23925 Module
Writing to Persuade M23926 Module
Youth Crime, Youth Justice M21007 Module
Youth Culture M24949 Module

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