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Advanced Compositing For Vfx M26289 Unit
Advanced Creature Fx And Rigging M26290 Unit
Advanced Visual Effects And Environments M24304 Unit
Ancilliary Animation and Software Skills M20180 Unit
Animation And Setup For Computer Animation M20218 Unit
Animation Programming And Scripting M20181 Unit
Applications Of Virtual Reality M20219 Unit
Cci Placement Plus - Full Year M30662 Unit
Cci Self-Employed Placement - Full Year M25954 Unit
CCI Self-Employed Placement Year M24347 Unit
Cci Work Placement - Full Year M25953 Unit
Cgi Lighting And Look Development M24303 Unit
Commercial Asset Production For Real Time M20182 Unit
Creative Media M23536 Unit
Creative Music and Effects for Film and TV M23496 Unit
Creative Professional Development M24985 Unit
Creative Technologies Study Exchange M30670 Unit
Creative Technologies Study Placement - Full Year M30665 Unit
CT Placement And Learning M22886 Unit
Design And Visual Research For Cinema And Game M20185 Unit
Designing For Animation M20186 Unit
Designing Interactive Content M20187 Unit
Engaged Citizenship Through Interdisciplinary Practice M30667 Unit
Eportfolio M24139 Unit
Eportfolio for Computer Animation M24320 Unit
Final Year Project M31481 Unit
Final Year Project M20234 Unit
Final Year Project: Preparation M30859 Unit
Final Year Project: Resolution M30860 Unit
Foundation in 3D Modelling M20164 Unit
Foundations In Graphics M20163 Unit
Image Preparation For Vfx M25704 Unit
Innovative Creative Media M20221 Unit
Interdisciplinary Group Project M22567 Unit
Introduction To Visual Effects M26292 Unit
Matchmoving For Vfx M25705 Unit
Modelling Lighting For Computer Animation M22604 Unit
Motion Capture Applications M23500 Unit
Music: Practice, Performance And Research M21555 Unit
Previsualisation And Motion Capture M25706 Unit
Professional Experience M22598 Unit
Project Initiation And Career Management M25708 Unit
Project Initiation and Management M20198 Unit
Real-Time Interactive Group Project M20236 Unit
Real-Time Interactive Group Project Stage 1 M31592 Unit
Real-Time Interactive Group Project Stage 2 M31593 Unit
Rendering Pipeline M20237 Unit
Sculpting And Rigging For Film M25707 Unit
Skills And Principles For Animation M20169 Unit
Student Enterprise M20209 Unit
Tools For Animation M23534 Unit
Visual Communication M20177 Unit

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