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BA (Hons) Animation U1912PYC Course
BA (Hons) Animation with Business Communication C2549S Course
BA (Hons) Computer Games Art U3305PYC Course
BA (Hons) Computer Games Design U3306PYC Course
BA (Hons) Creative Computing U3535PYC Course
BA (Hons) Creative Computing U3534PYC Course
BA (Hons) Creative Computing With Foundation Year U3070PYC Course
BA (Hons) Creative Computing with Foundation Year C3070S Course
BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology (Top Up) U2943FTC Course
BA (Hons) Film Studies C3101S Course
BA (Hons) Film Studies and Creative Writing (CH) C3102S Course
BA (Hons) Journalism with Creative Writing C3069S Course
BSc (Hons) Computer Animation C1555S Course
BSc (Hons) Computer Animation C15555S Course
BSc (Hons) Computer Animation and Visual Effects U2700PYC Course
BSC (Hons) Computer Animation with Business Communication C2496S Course
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Enterprise U2308PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Production U3301PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology U1671PYC Course
BSC (Hons) Computer Games Technology with Business Communication C2550S Course
BSc (Hons) Computing And Digital Sound C2289S Course
BSc (Hons) Creative Computing With Foundation Year U3071PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Creative Computing with Foundation Year C3071S Course
BSc (Hons) Creative Media Technologies U2734PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Creative Professional Practice C2405P Course
BSc (Hons) Digital Media U1515PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Entertainment Technology C0767S Course
BSc (Hons) Interactive Technologies U3276PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Music And Sound Technology C1802S Course
BSc (Hons) Music and Sound Technology U1802PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Music Computing C2554S Course
BSc (Hons) Music Technology U3058PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Composition) U3060PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Computing) U3061PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Recording and Production) U3059PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Virtual and Augmented Reality U2914PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Virtual Production U3482PYC Course
BSc (Hons) Web And Game Technology C2347F Course
MA Fashion Marketing P3096PTC Course
MA Fashion Marketing C3096F Course
MA/MSc Creative Professional Practice C2406P Course
MSc Computational Sound C2270F Course
MSc Computational Sound C2270P Course
MSc Computer Animation C1722P Course
MSc Computer Animation C1722F Course
MSc Computer Games Technology C1994P Course
MSc Computer Games Technology C1994F Course
MSc Creative Technologies P2741FTC Course
MSc Creative Technologies P2741PTC Course
MSc Digital Media P1579FTC Course
MSc Digital Media P1579PTC Course
MSc Mobile Media Applications C2456F Course
MSc Music Technology C2504P Course
PG Cert Creative Professional Development C2710F Course

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